Jose’s Ridge

The last time I entered a post was on Saturday, July 29. Much has happened since then. Deb and I are staying with my son’s, Rob, family. My daughter, Christine, and her family arrived late last night. Rob’s family of four, Christine’s family of five and Deb and I make quite a crowd.

Deb and I put up a tent in the backyard as will Johnathan (Christine’s husband). Tent living in the city of Jackson is great even though the neighbors seem to be up very late.

So far, I have written and sent an email prayer letter, worked through some important correspondence, counseled from long distance, and worked on my biblical Hebrew and Greek. I could fill each day with such activity, but then this would not be the spiritual retreat it should be. Still, I have responsibilities that can’t be ignored. I think what I can do is designate sometime each day and then shut down the computer.

Deb and I have walked up to Jose’s Ridge the last two days (11/2 miles very ┬ásteep). Today we were up at 6:00 am, but Deb has told me that we need to leave earlier in order to get the optimum pictures:-)

While enjoying the sights, Deb listened to the song, “God in Heaven.” It was pretty cool, enjoying God’s creation even while enjoying His music.

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