Good Morning

Deb and I have been going to bed early, so it was not hard to arise at 4:30am. I am longing to write more, and, for the time being, early morning may be the time.

I desire to write to be a blessing. At 64 I have observed a bit of life. I have learned lessons, which I hope to pass on to all, but especially to those whom I know and love.

It seems to me, it might be easier to communicate life lessons by writing than by speaking them. Some folks will read advice more easily than listening to advice.

So, what do I have to say today? I don’t know, but I can say this, at 64 it seems good to be alive. I am 6 weeks into hip replacement recovery. Received the news yesterday that it will be another 6 weeks before I should rock climb–not happy about that. Also, probably will need to cancel a summer trip to climb the Grand Teton. It’s not so much the climb but the hike through a huge boulder field on the way to the climb. Still, I am alive and well with plenty of reason to love life.

Next week, Boston and Beyond will become an official part of the life and ministry of Baptist Mid-Missions, and, on April 2, Deb and I move into a tiny Brownstone 250 feet from the Back Bay Station in Boston. Both of these happenings brings joy and hope to my heart. Joy in that we sense God’s firm leading hand. Hope in that we realize God still desires to use us into our old age.

Around 43 years ago, I realized my desperate need for God and responded to Him in faith believing that Jesus is the Savior. Since then God has taken care of me. He has preserved me, refined me, made me.

The life lesson is this: Walk with God and you will not regret it.

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